Sunday, February 06, 2005

Spent most of today up at Motherinlaws house having a BBQ.
Also decided to get rid of 2 couches in the kids lounge room
and went to Fantastic Furniture to price Futons. $299 each
and we will probably get 2.

Very exciting

Girls came home from ex at around 8.20. Nicola hungry
as always. Renée has spent most of the weekend playing
with the Bratz dolls and messed them up a bit but it
didnt take long before Nic had them all back in the right
bags. She was calm about it too as I told her what to
expect when she went to her room instead of just letting her find them that way.

Sarahs swim Carnival is tomorrow. She has decided
she would rather swim Butterfly than where a swim
cap for the other 3 We will see......

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