Thursday, July 10, 2008

Missing in action yet again!

Things got way to busy obviously!

Spoke to my Doctor about the Cancer and she said it was all gone but I would have to continually check for anything that didnt look right! Ive also had pills for the lump/cyst on the outside of my breast. I think its just going to be a bad health year for me! Did finally have the Pap which is the ONLY thing I wanted this year lol.

School hols at the moment, older girls are looking after younger ones while I work 3 days a week. Nic has bad flu at the moment and is on meds for that plus the aches and pains that go with it. She has also lost 5 teeth in the last month which Im hoping is just a freaky co-incidence. Tooth Fairy has been busy!

Business is slow, Ebay is non existant for me at the moment altho I do have listings there. I got a neg from someone and ebay suddenly restricted me!! Oh well!! Currently getting some ads put into a magazine for The Embellishment Castle and received the first draft which is crap. They have SO obviously taken an ad from about 3 years ago and put on my new (to them) Logo. Even quoting stuff Im selling that Im not selling anymore!!

Renee finally lost her first tooth a few weeks ago. She is currently doing a dance each morning counting down the sleeps till her Birthday. 2 sleeps to go!!

Trying to organise a trip down to Tassie to visit mum. Chez said she will come with me.

Speaking of Chez!! I went up to Newcastle to witness the birth of her 3rd!! AWESOME!!! Keira Lilli-Ann was born on May 15th. Ive seen her twice since then lol. Hopefully Ill see them again either next weekend or the one after (when we have Renees birthday party!)

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