Friday, July 25, 2008

Birthday Prep

The calls are starting to come in for Renees party. About 10 confirmed now, but Im sure some will just turn up but thats ok. I was planning on making an Ice Cream cake because I couldnt believe how much they cost! Ive changed my mind yet again and will probably buy 2 small ones, put the candles in one and have the other one ready for those that the first doesn't feed. Ive not made one before and I don't want to stuff up with an audience of 20 6 and 7 year olds!! Get the kids nice and hyped and send them home!!
Bec's friend has paid for her Timberland Ticket in advance like I requested so I guess that means Ill have to get the tickets. Was hoping they would all forget lol. Id love to see him myself but can't really afford another $100 so it will just be Bec and 2 friends. Im thinking about getting Billy Joel tickets for Brett for fathers day. BJ is due here in November. All depends on if the tickets going on sale co incide with a pay week!

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