Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The C word

Spoke with the nurse at the Doctors surgery and apparantly the 'thing' they cut off my now was Cancer. She said no further surgery is needed but the Doc still wants to see me. I told her I had just made an appointment for next Wednesday and was that soon enough and she said yes. The deal was that if it was nasty, someone would have rung me last week while my Doc was away and no one did so Im not panicing yet.
I do think I have earned a big block of Cadbury Chocolate.
I came out of our ensuite telling Brett I was going to have Cascading Style Sheet nightmares, he looked astonished that I was reading TAFE stuff in there. WHERE ELSE can I read uninterupted!!!??? Men just don't understand hehe.

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sonflowergurl said...

Hey Ann, any new news on this? I've been thinking about you!