Friday, December 21, 2007

Schools out for Summer/Christmas party #3

All 4 girls are done for 2007. We have 2 more family events before Christmas next Tuesday. The older 3 will be with their dad for Christmas eve and then back here sometime on Christmas Day. I think they are back and forward a few times these hols, but ex only lives in next suburb so not a major problem. Plus we are off to Queensland on January 14th...wooooo!

Third Christmas party was my work one, for the staff. Daytime one and spouses/signifcant others not invited. We always do the Kris Kringle thing. This year I got a wedding picture with mine and Robbie Williams face superimposed on the bride and grooms faces. Very funny! Nice food, good Comany, plenty of laughs. Work is now closed until January 7th (1 week longer than usual) but S and I will be going back on Jan 2nd as we can catch up on fiddly things that get left behind with the usual day to day stuff. Plus we need the money!!

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