Sunday, December 02, 2007

Been a while

I can't seem to stick to the Blog thing. I love reading other peoples and stuff does happen during the day that I would like to remember as my memory is S*&T!

Whats happened since February?

Im now 40 lol. We've had 3 Birthday parties including mine. Bec is already planning her 16th for next February.

The girls are doing great at school. Both N & R are receiving awards at the end of School presentations so that should be kewl. Bec will graduate Year 10 in 2 weeks and then school is done for her. The others have 3 weeks left.

I am taking N to see The Veronicas this Friday as part of her Xmas present. I bought tickets for Bec and S for Kelly Clarkson for Christmas although the concert isnt until March next year.

Chez is pregnant with #3. She is also 40. No way could I do the baby thing again. I have every intention of getting slightly clucky with her bub though.

Three quarters of the Christmas shopping is done, we are seeing Matt and family on December 22nd and then Bretts family will be here on the 24th.

Oh and we are still broke

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