Saturday, December 08, 2007

Im Awesome

Well, for a couple of hours tonight I was! I took Nicola to see The Veronicas at the Hordern Pavilion. I'm not a huge fan but Nic is and its part of her Christmas gifts so I made the ultimate sacrifice hehe Just her and me which was kewl, Renee wanted to come but she was just way to young. Anyway, we had great seats, it was very loud and I must admit they are pretty good. Took some photos afterwards of Nic in front of the stage, then we queued forever to get her a tshirt and she used some of her own money (still left over from her b'day in September) to buy a poster. The concert finished at 10pm and we left the Hordern at 10.40! We had to go past the back bit of the Hordern and just happened to see one of The Veronicas walking back inside. There was crowd by the fence and we waited with them for a while. Dean Geyer who is apparently from Aussie Idol a few years ago was one of the support acts (we missed him) and he came over to the fence and Nic got his autograph and hopefully a pic (I'm too tired to check the camera now). Then one of The Veronicas came out and Nic got the autograph, and then finally the other Veronica! So Nic saw them in concert, then up close plus got autographs. By the time The Veronicas came out and over to us the crowd had dwindled to about 10-15 so it was easy to get the autographs. They are so tiny lol Back to the car by 11.14pm and home just over an hour later (grr road works) Anyway, at this moment in time in the eyes of Nicola - I am awesome!

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