Thursday, May 04, 2006

Rant about Teenage Duaghters

While my older girls were with their dad tonight I sent Brett up to their rooms to dismantle the Internet. Other times when we have turned it off, R has still been able to get the net in her room cause one of our neighbours has wireless internet and R picks it up hehe. So Brett removed a cable (or something) as well. She is NOT impressed!!Apart from the usual bad mouthing, rudeness etc, they won't lift a finger!! The 2 girls are 14 and nearly 13 and have 1 chore they need to do twice a week! HOW HARD IS THAT!!! All they have to do is unload and load the dishwasher after dinner on Monday and Tuesday, preferably before 8.30pm!! When I was there age I had been dusting the house, plus cleaning the bathroom and my parents ensuite including freakin toilets!! Plus R has a Science experiment she is meant to do over a period of 11 weeks. We are now at week 4 and she started tonight with the help of Chez. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.Anyway after months and months of not following through I finally had enough.. Im so tired! I work during the day now (not full time) and realise how much easier it was when I was working at night! Im taking Thursday off work as I told them at work if I don't have a day at home to tidy up I will end up killing someone!! lol Also tonight R asked me if her best friend could stay over Thursday night and I said no (Partly because her room is a pigsty) and she said why and I told her I didnt need a reason and she stormed off...I turned to Brett and said did I do good, and he nodded lol! On the other hand I have an 8 year old that frets when her younger sister messes up up their shared room or the lounge room is messy. I promised her tomorrow I would tidy up a bit in there. She loves to clean and tidy things. Hopefully she won't lose this feeling.
Im quite prepared to compare teenage daughters pigsty bedrooms if anyone else is game!
Oh and this is day 3 of a low carb/high protein diet which might also explain my mood hehe!

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