Sunday, April 23, 2006

Weekend over!

Busy weekend but not a lot to show for it...usually the way. Bec went and watched a school friend play a League game them went to and party and stayed over. Sarah today went to the Movies with a boy from Primary school that goes to another High School. There was originally a group going but it ended up just being the two of them. Managed to get some video footage of the girls practising on the Long Jump pitch down the road. Renee can walk there and back without too much complaining....the promise of an ice cream at the end is a good bribe (incentive)

Back to work tomorrow, the kids are going to Cheryls while Renee will be at Preschool.. Tuesday is a Public Holiday - ANZAC day and we will probably get cracking with the painting...need to take some before photos first though.

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