Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Confiscated Vegemite

For some reason my teenage daughter and my nearly teenage daughter struggle at the basics like putting a screw lid back on a jar! I have pick up the jars sooooo many times and caught them before they hit the floor....until this afternoon. The $10 jar of Vegemite hit the floor, like I said it would!!! I tend to buy the large size, thus saving a dollar or 2. Once the girls were sitting down for dinner I informed them I was NOT replacing it for a week and they should start liking cheese on their sandwiches!!!I went grocery shopping when they were in bed tonight and did buy Vegemite but after I made tomorrows sandwiches I hid the jar!!!! Nicola quite likes Peanut butter but Im pretty sure she cant take it to school so I decided to buy the Vegemite but keep it hidden.

The Vegemite only comes out at night!!!

Grrrrrr to all teenage girls!!

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