Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shop till you drop

Took girls shopping to Westpoint. I really hate shopping...honestly! I feel claustrophobic in shopping centres..have felt that way since I was pregnant with Renée lol. I dislike this particular shopping centre so I was doomed from the start! Bec got her sports pants and S couldn't find joggers she wanted so got phone credit. I decided last week to buy the girls a CD Single each for easter and actually bought them today! Timing is everything. Nic got a CD from some guy that was in Idol last year (I think?) and Sarah of course got the Delta single that she sung at the Comm Games. Bec couldn't find one she wanted and opted from some Shampoo? Strange but she was happy. She also bought herself some thongs from one of the surf shops...she is still nervous about using her keycard but manages alright. She has now become intrigued with Flybuys and picked up the flyer to read about it. I thought she would be too young but the guy who served us in Target seemed to think not...maybe he thought she looked older than she is!!
No plans for tomorrow but I would like to wash down some door frames and the window sill in the kitchen ready to paint but Ill have all 4 home tomorrow so prob will be refereeing rather than anything else lol

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