Thursday, July 20, 2006


Grrrrrr I hate it!

We FINALLY got the AirCon/Heating back up and running. $1500 later which I had to borrow from my mother and that phone call took a few strong drinks to make!! School holidays have just finished and Ive managed one day at work this week. Renee was sick Tuesday, Nic yesterday and then Renee again today. Bec sounds really bad this evening so will no doubt be off tomorrow (but I don't work Fridays) She had a week off last winter with a shocking dose of the Flu so hopefully this won't happen again. I wish Id remembered to get her a Flu shot. Neighbours dog has been wandering around the yard the last couple of days. With the recent spate of Dog attacks on kids its got me worried. A told us ages ago she actually hired the dog for protection so it obviously would do some damage to a child. Brett will go over and let her know the Dog is loose (as if she doesn't know) and if I see it again Ill just call the Council or Dog Catcher (is there such a thing in Sydney??)

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