Thursday, February 02, 2006

Christmas/New Year Round up 2005

Mum and Tony came up from Tassie and we gathered at Matt and Sue's place for a Robinson Christmas Lunch
Put the tree up at our house. B had the kids working hard including Renées cousins Scott and Ronan. Maz and Peter, Sandy and Marlon and Uncle Mark completed the watching crowd
B's ex came over with the girls. She said the only way he can see them is if she came too...So B called all his family over as well. The girls are great, B misses them and he is going to take her fat arse to court early in 2006. I drank about 5 Kahluas in 2 hours, I probably only ever drink 2 a year.
Christmas Eve is the usual Day the Clarkes have their Christmas Gathering. R, S & N were with their dad so it was a relatively quiet day with just Renée and her cousins Scott and Ronan
A quiet start with just Renée at home rummaging through her sack. The other girls arrived after lunch and dived into the gifts. R was VERY impressed with her new Mobile Phone!! Our house is now full of music, CD's and clothes.
New Years Eve we went up the mountains to Cheryls house. Stayed until around 2.30am. Longest Ive stayed up on New Years Eve in AGES. Kids had a great time. It was very hot so they were playing with water guns and hoses etc well into the New Year!
Drove down to Melbourne to stay with Kylie and family for a week or so. Very Hot. Didnt do a whole lot except seek refuge from the heat. I made a Calender for Mum and also 2 Mini Albums to send to Auntie Ann and Auntie Jan in England. Just photos of Christmas! On the second last day we went to Adventure Park in Geelong. Fantastic Place.
Schools in! Renée went back to Preschool today as we held her back from starting school. Her teacher said she must have found her voice whilst on holidays cause now she won't stop talking!
S started High School. She is in the top class as expected. She was pleased to have homework. Even on Day one teachers recognised her as being R's
R is 14 today. She seemed pleased with the Presents she got plus she is having a party next weekend. She has managed to cling to her grades and is in the Top English class this year. Also she is doing Drama, Sewing and Food Tech as her electives.
N has the same Year 3 teacher as R had for Year 5. Her best friend J is also in her class so everything is right with the world tonight!

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