Thursday, February 09, 2006

Birthday Girl

R turned 14 on February 1st. How dare my children get older...I am, after all, 27 (still!)
I think she had a good day. It was the first day back at school also for the school year. Got her most of the things on her list. Her stooooooopid father and his wife decided that her Birthday is too early in the year 'we've just had Christmas' and gave her some Shower Gel, a Shower sponge, a Kit Kat and a Picnic Bar. WTF!!!!!!!

I was really angry and she was angry! Not upset, ANGRY, which I think is worse! I felt so bad for her that I went out and bought her another present hehehe! That Johnny Depp Willie Wonker DVD. She was quite Chuffed!

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