Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Presentation Day (Part 1)

Tuesday was the Primary school presentation day and I ended up with an ENORMOUS headache! Lol

Have you ever been so proud you cried? lol R came along cause S was getting an award
and told me not to cry, I told her that when she is a mother she will understand.

Anyhow, S got the Dux award at School!!!!!!!!! Im still in shock even though we had sort of narrowed it down to that one, even her friends were convinced as not many of the other academically bright kids do all the sport S does and our School has always said its an allrounder type award!

There was a photographer at the ceremony who took her photograph and said next week there will be a feature on school presentation days and S's photo will be in the Blacktown Advocate!

I dropped R off at the High School and she was still mumbling…’OMG my sister got Dux!’ roflmao!! (she is secretly proud I know but will never admit it of course!! What is it with sisters???!!!)

R is getting an award on Thursday for D&T which Im not sure what it is exactly but I will know after Thursday.
Considering her shaky start to High School last year Im pleased she is being rewarded as she has really
made an effort this year and is enjoying school…and yes I keep telling her Im pleased and proud. She even
said I am allowed to go the ceremony!!

Please pass the Panadol

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