Monday, December 05, 2005

High School

Had the High School info night for S. Went pretty much the same as 2 years ago for R. Also managed to get her Uniform and Book pack for next year and got change from $200. S was pretty bored with the whole thing lol I asked her if she is excited about High School and she said nope! She starts Jan 31st and the rest go back on Feb 1 which means R starts Year 9 on her 14th Birthday.

B and R jr went to the dancing on Saturday and had a good time. R jr spotted a lady singing and said 'who is that big fat lady' turns out it is B's ex wife hehehe. R jr didnt know this of course as she is only 4 and thankfully J and L weren't in earshot as it is afterall their mum....anyway still wish Id been there. B and MIL got some great photos of the girls.

The tree is up!!! Had B's family over and all the kids and B decorated the tree while the rest of us sat around eating....seems fair enough to me!!!!!

Ho Ho Ho

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