Wednesday, January 31, 2007

1 more sleep

My baby starts big School in the morning. I was actually crying on the drive home as Im now on holidays from work for a week and a half which is only because she is starting school. She is so excited. Very annoyed that she couldnt go today with N. N said that she will know her Year 4 teacher by Thursday. Also they have finally got a couple of more male teachers. Bring the total to a massive....3! Also the swimming carnival is next Thursday, during my time off..woohoo! I think this year I will also volunteer to help with time keeping. N has said she will try 100m Freestyle, plus 50 Free and 50 Breast. Doesnt want to do the other two. Last year she was fine with Backstroke and we talked her into Butterfly so maybe she can be talked into 1 more this year!

At 9.50am Iwill be a mass of tears!

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