Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Fete's and weight loss

Ive done 2 fetes since I was last here..lol That first one was an eye opener...NOTE TO SELF don't try and do 2 different 'themes' at a fete, by yourself. I sold a bit of Chocolate and I sold a bit of Scrapbooking so it wasn't a big loss. I will add the links to the side of the page when I figure out how. Did our Schools fete last Saturday and sold about $300 worth of Chocolate...got rid of some of the Chocolate Ginger that doesnt sell at parties lol!! woohoo

Ive now lost 5.1 kilos in 4 weeks. Ive been waiting for Daylight savings to start so I can walk in the evenings when B gets home. Well, Daylight savings is here so Ive got no more excuses.

My cousin in Portsmouth, England got in touch through Schoolfriends reunited ( or whatever its called) Havent seen/heard from her since 2000 and she sounds keen to keep in touch which is kewl.

R missed a whole week of school last week due to having the Flu. Doctor said she has a really bad case and there wasnt much more she could do for her. She rose on the weekend and went back to School on Monday and is back to being her usual teenager with attitude.

Melbourne Cup was today. Did I back the winner! NO! Do I ever back the winner? NO!

Thats about it for now, off to make muffins and do tomorrows lunches!

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