Monday, October 03, 2005

Sea Sick

Well, now I know! I get seasick!

Had a good break up the coast at Nelson Bay with my bestfriend and all 6 of our kids. On Wednesday we had organsied a Whale watching cruise which is where we came unstuck. C was severely seasick from about 5 minutes into the took me longer...about 45 minutes into the cruise. Her youngest slept most of the time, my youngest did laps of the dining/lounge area, between checking up on me, other people and her sister who wasnt seasick but was scared due to the rough water The older 3 kids were fine. After my demise, my older girls came inside every 20 minutes or so and took R outside to see the veiw, which of course reminded her why she stayed indoors in the first place.....but it filled in the time. I SAW A WHALE!! Yes, even though I felt ill. The 'voice' got very excited and said - Oh yes, look out the window, 9 o'clock...a whale!! I lifted my head, looked out the window, saw a Whale diving back into the water...then put my head back down onto the table.... I SAW A WHALE!!

Thursday there was of course gale force winds predicted as we headed to the beach. We were of course thankful that the Whale cruise wasnt that day. We lasted about 20 minutes on the beach...the kids splashed in the water, we all swallowed sand then decided to head back to the house for lunch.

As we headed home Friday, it was of course perfect weather for a day at the beach.

My older 3 are with their dad for the long weekend and as its still School hols here they won't be back till Tuesday night. Its very quiet here this weekend!

Finally finished cleaning out the garage...Ill take the after photo tomorrow!

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