Thursday, September 15, 2005

Call Back

The Accountants called and they want me to go for another interview Monday...looks promising

Finished at the Bank last night...had some food, did a tiny bit of work. We have arranged to all go out to dinner next Monday night in Parramatta..should be fun! My retrenchment money was in the account this morning.....Ill just sit and look at it a while before I start moving it around, be a while before that much money is in account again.

Going back in to work one more time this afternoon to sign all the paperwork.

Im nesting today, can't seem to sit still. Done the bedroom including Vacuuming, now doing kitchen...sad!!! Getting a bit side tracked as Billy Connelly is on and old Parkinson episode...Ive seen it at least twice before but the guy is Hilarious no matter how many times you hear the same joke. Renée is being pretty good today. We will nip up to the shops a bit later after we've had lunch.

1 comment:

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